CSP Global Accelerated Nursing Tuition

Choosing the right nursing program is a difficult decision. You want to know it’s accredited, offers a comprehensive curriculum and prepares students well for both the NCLEX-RN® and for professional practice. You also need to know the cost of the accelerated nursing school tuition so that you can adequately prepare.

ABSN tuition will be $1,050 per credit for the 61-credit curriculum. You should also plan for student fees, as well as other BSN program-related fees, including test assessments, insurance, books, lab supplies and uniforms.

Like any higher education program, an Accelerated BSN represents a major investment of both time and money, so acceptance into CSP Global’s ABSN program should not be taken lightly. Fortunately, you don’t need to feel alone in this process. When you contact CSP, you’ll be assigned a dedicated admissions counselor, who will help you determine whether our Accelerated BSN is a fit, provide guidance throughout the application and enrollment process, and advise you on important matters such as securing financial aid.

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ABSN Costs to Keep in Mind

Please note that tuition and fees are subject to change without notice.  

  • Nursing program tuition: $1,050 per credit
  • Pre-Requisite & Co-Requisite tuition: $420 per credit
  • Nursing Course Lab Fee: $150
  • ATI fee: $2,710 
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Financial Aid

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The first step toward applying for financial aid is to complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) at studentaid.gov, using the Concordia University, St. Paul school code 002347 (you can also search by institution name). This allows the financial aid team to determine what eligibility you may have for federal funding (grants and/or student loans) to help cover your costs.

Once you have submitted your FAFSA to us (it usually takes 24–48 hours to arrive at the school electronically once you’ve submitted it online) and have been admitted into the Accelerated BSN, you will receive a financial aid award packet. Your financial aid award will inform you of all the grants and loans you qualify for that are funded by the state and/or federal government. It will also include information about alternative funding sources such as outside scholarships and private loans.

To assist students in paying their bill, CSP Global can provide payment plan options or certify veteran education benefits.

The Student Financial Services department offers monthly payment plans that allows you to pay over the course of the term.

Students at our St. Paul location are eligible for an additional $4,000 scholarship (students will receive $1,000 each term) awarded upon acceptance to the program.

If you are planning on using veteran education benefits, a Veteran Affairs Counselor can walk you through the process of certifying any veteran education benefits you may be eligible for. CSP Global is also an approved Yellow Ribbon Program participant.

For Washington State residents seeking information and resources about student loan repayment or seeking to submit a complaint relating to your student loans or student loan servicer, please visit www.wsac.wa.gov/loan-advocacy or contact the Student Loan Advocate at loanadvocate@wsac.wa.gov.

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If you have additional questions, please direct those to your admissions counselor, who can connect you with the appropriate team member to answer your questions more specifically.